You Said Planning. Could You Tell Us A Little Bit About It?

Planning is about drawing up the plot, preparing the braid, developing your characters and all that stuff. The transformation of each character, for instance, is a must. A character who does not change – be it for the better or for the worse – is not interesting in a novel. So you need to decide the way and the speed with which your characters will change.

Then you will need to choose the points of view, plan the conflicts and prepare a roadmap. (Am I boring you? Well, you asked ...) The roadmap of the plot, the guardrails, the stops ... and many other things, technicalities, so to speak, required to prepare the platform where the story will sit.

During this time, I might not be writing full pelt, but some passages do rush in. These scribblings are more like the mindless trotting of an excited colt who doesn’t know where he’s heading; he needs to mature into a purposeful ride.


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