Neslihan Stamboli



How Did It All Start, The Storytelling?

I won't start by the famous refrain, "I always wanted to be a writer." But I can say that I always looked for a way to express myself.

Sandor Marai - a renowned Hungarian writer - once said that "an artist is merely the personal embodiment of the creative genius that drives him. He has no will of his own, for his genius will press a pen, a chisel, a brush, or even, occasionally, a sword into his hand, whether he will or no."

That driving force within me did in fact pressed a pen into my hand every now and then; I always scribbled something or other. However, it took me quite some time before I ventured into becoming a writer. I guess I needed to live a little before writing about life, know a few people before writing about the human heart. I had to get in touch with different cultures, if for no other purpose than understanding mine better. Eventually, there came a point when the things I accumulated along the way could no longer be contained. Everything poured out like a waterfall. It was no longer possible to ignore the desire to tell the stories dormant within me. In an inexplicable way, I somehow felt I had the responsibility to do so. And that was when I started to write as if I have never written before.

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