Beethoven: Piano Sonata #23 In F Minor, Appassionata

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He was holding the amber ring dangling at the end of a chain on his neck. “I want you to wear this, Alex. I want you to be able to wear it.”

She stood up, ignoring what he had just said, dropped her cigarette in the ashtray and walked to the gramophone. Beethoven! She had to listen to Beethoven. Appassionata.

“I’m scared, Rudi. I’m so scared.”

“What are you scared of?” he said softly, extending his arms towards her. “There’s nothing to be scared of. You should stay here with me. You shouldn’t go back to Istanbul.”

“That’s impossible.”

He leaned over, held Alex’s hand and made her sit down again. “Marry me, Alex.”

(Broken Rhapsody, p.287)