Adrian Rollini: I Need Lovin'

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Adrian Rollini’s voice filled the air, spreading from the portable gramophone they had taken out into the garden:

“I need lovin’
That’s what I crave
I need lovin’
I can’t behave ...”

The head butler signalled that lunch was ready to be served. Alex and Magda invited everyone to the tables set out on the lawn under the trees. Alex had placed herself at the same table as Rudi, giving him the seat right opposite her. As hosts, Magda, Sándor and Károly had to accompany other guests at different tables. Alex had made sure that Károly – as well as János – conveniently sat at the table farthest away from her. She was determined not to let anyone spoil her mood, at least during lunchtime.

(Broken Rhapsody, p.63)