Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No.13

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“Rhapsody is the braiding of songs,” said Mami as if talking to herself, her absent eyes gazing out the window, “an intricate plait of melodies and rhythms that sometimes take you to the endless Great Hungarian Plain on an oppressively hot summer day. You sweat under the ruthlessly scorching sun until suddenly an oasis comes into view, an oasis far away which you know is only an image of waves on the horizon, a mirage created by the hot air rising from the ground. It nevertheless cools you down. Yet at other times, you listen with a chill running through your body as its notes bring in the sound of an icy wind whistling over the steppes buried under the snow. The sensations that enrapture you gradually intensify like a mare steadily coming into full gallop."

(Broken Rhapsody, p.183)