Beethoven: Symphony No.6 in F, Pastoral

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Pastoral was still playing. Music was her saviour. She listened to it with her heart and soul, her lips joining the orchestra in involuntary little wriggles, nature coming alive before her mind’s eyes. She forgot where she was, finding herself wherever she wanted to be, next to whomever she longed for. It felt like violating all those stringent rules, rising against the existing system and overriding all boundaries. The much-admired Strauss’s waltzes, for instance, which sweetened life or made it more cheerful, meant nothing to her. They were, as far as she was concerned, misleadingly colourful pieces of music that took you away from your inner world and incarcerated you within the four walls of a ballroom. Beethoven, on the other hand, was so wonderful, so magical ... Beethoven! The genius who placed a mirror in front of you and let you dwell on the depths of your heart and soul. As she listened to his music, her inner world surfaced and revealed its most intimate recesses.

“Madame Beethoven! Lost in the wonderland again, are we? We have guests for dinner, have you forgotten?”

(Broken Rhapsody, p.319)