Beethoven: Symphony No.5 in C Minor, Fate

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“I’d never have thought it would be me to break up our relationship,” said Alex.

“Don’t worry, darling. He’s not worth it. I’m sure ...”

She could no longer bear her mother’s offending remarks and had no desire to listen to her. Pushing away her hand, she got out of bed and threw on her dressing gown. As she darted out of the room, words gushed out of her mouth. “I can’t be as strong as you, or, ... I don’t know ... as desperate as you. I can’t share him with another woman.”

Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony was playing somewhere downstairs, its ominous rumblings assaulting her ears. C Minor, Opus Sixty-seven, she murmured faintly. “Fate!” She ignored her mother running after her, still grumbling something she no longer cared to hear.

(Broken Rhapsody, p.143)