Liszt: Hungarian Fantasy

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The rest of the wedding went by as if in a dream. Alex watched it roll like a movie before her eyes: her entrance into the ballroom on Aziz’s arm to the sound of Liszt’s Hungarian Fantasy; the words “I do” she uttered in Turkish as Aziz had taught her, without understanding a word of what the marriage celebrant was saying; everybody, including her mother, applauding them with smiling faces; walking around the tables hand in hand with Aziz, accepting congratulations and best wishes for a time that seemed like hours; the magical decoration of the Pera Palace Hotel; Aziz, who outshone everyone present with his elegant and sophisticated style, introducing his friends and relatives from the elite class of Istanbul, as he whispered a few words in Alex’s ear to explain their status and importance in society ...

(Broken Rhapsody, p.168)