Csardas: Ruya 3


"For those who like epic novels, Stamboli's Ruya is a treasure box; an absorbing story evoking the aesthetic of a series of sepia photographs." (Translated from the Turkish daily Sabah)


"Loosely based on a true story, Neslihan Stamboli's novel will capture your imagination, touching your deepest emotions." (Translated from the Turkish daily Posta)


"The multi-layered braid of Neslihan Stamboli's narrative gives the reader the curiosity to read on while the clarity of her storytelling makes this epic novel a compelling read." (Translated from the Turkish daily Radikal)



Csardas, Neslihan Stamboli


 Budapest, 2009.

The third and final part of Ruya's book is being filmed. The Second World War is over. A happy ending, like the Csardas of a Hungarian rhapsody, seems to be imminent, but the fall of the Iron Curtain and a revolution in Hungary delay all hopes and expectations. Families are shattered; lovers are separated.

As the film shoot draws to an end, Ruya follows the film crew to Paris, to Istanbul and finally to the Greek island of Simi, desperately trying to turn fiction into reality in search of a happy ending in her own life.




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