A Twıst ın The Taıl


"The postmodern giants, ogres and witches that haunt us

may twist meanings and deplete the quality of our lives

by destroying our hope and maiming our lives,

but they will never be able to eliminate

the essence of dreams for a better life."

Jack Zipes




A new novel by Neslihan Stamboli about love, betrayal and forgiveness


A world where nothing is as it seems.

An island stuck in time.

A house long-forgotten.

A life-long lie.

Tara, a young woman struggling with the bitter sweet memories of a distant summer when her father brought some special guests to the island.

Nadir, her childhood crush, taking her to the dark cave she never dared enter.

A metaphorical death and a kiss to free her from the chains of her childhood.

A tale as the 21st century draws to a close.




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