A Retake on War: Ruya 2


"For those who like epic novels, Stamboli's Ruya is a treasure box; an absorbing story evoking the aesthetic of a series of sepia photographs." (Translated from the Turkish daily Sabah)


"Loosely based on a true story, Neslihan Stamboli's novel will capture your imagination, touching your deepest emotions." (Translated from the Turkish daily Posta)


"The multi-layered braid of Neslihan Stamboli's narrative gives the reader the curiosity to read on while the clarity of her storytelling makes this epic novel a compelling read." (Translated from the Turkish daily Radikal)



A Retake On War, Neslihan Stamboli


London, 2008.

Ruya's book, A Hungarian Rhapsody, is being made into a film. They are shooting the second part of her novel, which is a retake on the war years and focuses on Ruya's great uncle fighting against the Nazis in Budapest, a city swarming with spies, resistance fighters, hunters and helpers of Jews, betrayers and heroes.

During the emotionally taxing shoot, Ruya finds herself in a tempestuous relationship with the leading actor while clues reveal themselves guiding her to the secrets in the life of her great-grandmother Alexandra.




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