Csardas: Ruya 3

Csardas is the third in a three-part series (following Broken Rhapsody and A Retake on War), an epic spanning four generations of a family as they live in various locations in Italy, Hungary, Turkey and France.




Budapest, 2009

Ruya is convinced that Paul's role in her life - just as his role in the second act of the movie - is finished. Disappointed and heart-broken, she is more bitter than ever.

Then, she comes across a clue hinting at a strong possibility that the happy ending she imagined for Alex in the final part of her book might not be just fiction.

Her hopes for her own happiness are raised: "Happy endings might not be exclusive to novels after all."

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They are shooting the final scenes of the second act of Ruya's book.



The Second World War has ended. Alex leaves Istanbul to follow her husband to Asia Minor in Turkey. Not having heard from Rudi since the end of the war, she suffers silently while hanging on to the hope of a better future, a future where she will reunite with her loved ones, a future where Rudi would be alive, a future where she would be free.

After the war, Karoly - always the free spirit, always the talented artist and always madly in love with his wife Ada - moves to Paris.

Torn between his responsibilities for his beloved country and Ada who insists on staying in Paris, he finally returns to Budapest.

When the Iron Curtain falls, Karoly is trapped in Hungary, becoming a prisoner in his own country. All his property is confiscated, and he and his mother are forced to share their mansion with other families.

All hopes and expectations are delayed. Families are shattered again; lovers are separated again.


Alex is impossibly sad for not being able to see her brother Karoly anymore and not knowing what happened to Rudi. Her husband tortures her more with the goodness of his heart, making her feel utterly guilty.

In Budapest, Karoly, having lost his faith in communism, fights against it with the vigour of a youth. With his childhood friend Janos, he puts his hope in socialism. He is among those who pave the way to a revolution against the Russians.

The news of a revolution in Hungary brings Alex back to life. The freedom of her country means the end of her separation from her loved ones.

When the Russians make a comeback all hopes are shattered once again.

Paris, 1959. An encounter. Everything changes again. The dreams come true, curtains are raised, secrets are revealed and love affairs blossom.

Like in Csardas, the third and final part of a rhapsody, a happy ending is imminent.




Paris, Istanbul, Simi, 2009

Ruya follows the film crew (and Paul), desperately trying to raise the curtains in her own life and create a happy ending for herself ...

... while Paul struggles with the tug-of-war between his desire to win the heart of the woman he loves and his fear of losing his freedom.


Venice, 2010

The End


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